Sunday, August 11, 2013

Days of life!

Kya zindgi se shikwa kare ...kya zindgi se gila ....
ek aur diya bujha gayi yeh pawan ki vegika...

yeh sab jaante hai ki ek din sabko hai jaana,
par kyon zindgi ki is hakeekat ko na maane yeh dil deewana...

21 Jul 2013; 10:40 am (unofficial) 11:15 am (official) ....Lost my mother to God forever.
He won against all odds and took her to hopefully a better world and I hope both she and Dad are happy there together once again.

And now on this blog will be used for both of them, though I had created it only for my my Dad but never in life had dreamed that my Mom will follow him so soon in life.

24th Jan 2012 8:45 pm (unofficial)...9 pm official ...My Dad had breathed his last ...all these days after his going, my Mom always had him in his dream and each time he used to come to take her somewhere ..... and finally he took her to the same place where he is.

Both of them lived their life for us, their kids and while going both of them had that on their lips that I do not want any harm to come to my kids and they should never be in trouble in life.

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