Saturday, September 21, 2013

Zindgi ...tujhse shikayat kare ya shikwa?
Wakt... Inki ki koi sarhad bhi hai kya?
Samay... Inhe beetne mei kahan wakt lagta hai?
kal jo hakeekat tha ..aaj wo itihaas hai .... aaj jo hakeekat hai ...wo kal itihaas ho jaayega!!
Zindgi yun hi chalti rahi hai aur aage bhi aise hi chalti rahegi.....

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Days of life!

Kya zindgi se shikwa kare ...kya zindgi se gila ....
ek aur diya bujha gayi yeh pawan ki vegika...

yeh sab jaante hai ki ek din sabko hai jaana,
par kyon zindgi ki is hakeekat ko na maane yeh dil deewana...

21 Jul 2013; 10:40 am (unofficial) 11:15 am (official) ....Lost my mother to God forever.
He won against all odds and took her to hopefully a better world and I hope both she and Dad are happy there together once again.

And now on this blog will be used for both of them, though I had created it only for my my Dad but never in life had dreamed that my Mom will follow him so soon in life.

24th Jan 2012 8:45 pm (unofficial)...9 pm official ...My Dad had breathed his last ...all these days after his going, my Mom always had him in his dream and each time he used to come to take her somewhere ..... and finally he took her to the same place where he is.

Both of them lived their life for us, their kids and while going both of them had that on their lips that I do not want any harm to come to my kids and they should never be in trouble in life.


shakh badhte rahe ...pattiyan aati rahi ....wakt beet-ta raha ...aur wo jhadti gayi ....hum dekhte rahe....wo safar shakh se sookhti tehniyon tak!!

kami kisko nahin khalti?

aaj samajh mei aata hai jab unhone ne apne maa/baap ko khoya tha to unhe kaisa mehsoos hua hoga ...aadmi hazar koshish kare jab tak wo khud us paristhiti ko jee nahin leta wo usko wo dard us teevrata se mehsoos nahin ho sakta .......aur is sab mei wakt un sab logo ko kitne peeche chod deta hai jinhe hame jyada samajhne ki zaroorat thi.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Wakt badalte wakt nahin lagta
kaifiyat badalte wakt nahin lagta
Insaan ki khairiyat badalte wakt nahin lagta
Niyati badalte wakt nahin lagta
Soch badalte wakt nahin lagta
Zindigiyan badalte wakt nahin lagta

..... kaash is wakt ko hum kahin thaam sakte
kaash wo beete hue palchin hum wapas laa sakte
kahin gumm hue wo wakt ke moti hum chura kar sambhal sakte
par ye wakt ...uff ye wakt ... sab kuch palat-te wakt nahin leta!

A year .....already gone ...each day has been difficult .... each moment extremely tough ..... hope you are happy and happier where ever you are!!!

24 Jan 2012 .... 8:50 pm .... A day, I wish had never touched my life :(

...another date added to this!! 21 Jul 2013......11:15 am
Yet another day that I'd wish to change in life!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Kuch yaaden!

I had started this blog last year for my personal rants and memories that I wanted to pen for my Dad.
He was one of the most amazing person that I'll ever come across in my life.

I lost Dad on 24 Jan 2012 at 9 pm in the night. 8:50 pm to be precise by my watch when he gave me a last look and closed his eyes forever. I was left there by his side holding his hand that went from warm to cold and the grip that was strong just gave away to limpness.

He was a soldier and I saw his fight with death till the last minute. He just did not want to go.
Anyone who has lost a dear one and see the most loved one go in front of their eyes, will be able to empathise with me on the feelings and emotions that I lived the moment with.

This day was the most difficult day of my life.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 ...A year already gone by!

 Har purani cheez kabhi to nayi hoti hai ...par wakt ke lamhe unme jo anubhav ke amulya moti piro dete hain .... wahi to asal cheez hoti hai !
Kabhi aap doosro ki karni se seekhte hain, kabhi aap apne anubhav se seekhte hain..... par achchai ki rah mei jo bhi seekha ...wahi to asal cheez hoti hai !
Khuda ne khudai sikhai..... insaan ko agar insaniyat aa jaaye.....wahi to neki hoti hai !
Har purani cheez kabhi to nayi hoti hai !